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Charity Shop Tuesday: How One Sweater Lead to a Style Realisation

Once upon a time, I never used to buy myself sweaters (or jumpers, as we tend to call them in the UK). They were all bought for me, as gifts, and I would receive more and more every year. Then I got really into knitting, and I decided I was going to knit my own, so that they would be long enough in the body and the sleeves - most of my jumpers were a little bit too short. So I told everyone: Don't give me jumpers!

Several years later, I had not been given any more jumpers, but I hadn't made any either. I knit very loosely, which leads to a gauge problem I'm still trying to figure out. In the intervening time, I'd got really into charity shopping, so when I decided I needed more jumpers, I went straight to my favourite stores.

I wanted jumpers that weren't boring. I had previously owned too many plain jumpers that I didn't really enjoy wearing. I had my eye out for embellishments, and so I spotted this.

It's wine-red, one of my favourite colours to wear, and it has this lace-effect applique with beads. I tried it on and I really liked it, so I took it home. It quickly became my favourite jumper, in fact, it became my favourite jumper that I'd ever owned.

It actually wasn't because of the embellishment, it was because of the neckline. All my previous jumpers had been v-necks, and it turns out I don't actually like v-necks. They're not flattering on me and they often clash with the top I'm wearing underneath. The rounded neckline of this jumper looks so much better.

Since falling in love with this jumper, I've bought a few more with rounded necks, and I'm determined to alter some of my old jumpers to be round-necked too. I've struggled to find a tutorial though, for some reason they all seem to be for changing round-necks to v-necks, not the other way around! If you've seen any instructions, please let me know!

In other news, I am slowly but surely running out of items to feature! I still have plenty to get through, but if you would like to write a guest Charity Shop Tuesday, get in touch. It would be really cool to feature some other charity shop fans' favourite finds.


Charity Shop Tuesday: New Year's Eve, Part 2

Last week I promised to write about the dress in that photo, so here I am, with some new photos so you can see how I've worn it every other time!

I love this dress. Black velvet, with tiny black sequins and tiers of fabric, it's so much fun to wear. I think I bought it in the charity shop I used to volunteer in. It was perfect for New Year's Eve.

Trouble is, it's quite thick black velvet - far too warm for summer - but also strappy, which produces the opposite problem in winter. Someone didn't think this through. After a couple of years in which it hung in the wardrobe, unworn, because I had no warm wintery parties to attend, I finally hit on the idea of wearing it 90s slip dress style, with a long-sleeved top underneath, and matching tights.

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It's not as pretty this way, but at least I can wear it! Have you ever had to figure out a different way to wear an item of clothing to make it more practical? Share your stories in the comments!


How to Choose the Right New Year's Resolution(s)

In Januaries gone by, I have struggled to pick a New Year's Resolution. I've chosen things that I didn't really care about, or made an enormous list of resolutions that were impossible to keep up with. Now, for the most part, I make plans to achieve my big goals, and pick just one resolution.

One resolution. It sounds easy, but if you're going to choose something you can actually stick to, don't pick something on a whim. Neither should you make a resolution because you think it's the 'right' thing to want to do, or because all your friends are doing it.

Make a resolution to fulfill a long held ambition.
Make a resolution because you can't stand not to do it any more.
Or, make a resolution to do more of something you enjoy or to do something that will help you grow.

If you really want to pick a resolution, and don't know what to do, choose to learn something - even if you go off course, or even if you later decide to drop it - it will be worthwhile, as you will have learnt that subject isn't for you, or found something different that makes your heart sing.

If you find choosing resolutions big and scary, too much of a commitment, pick something very small - and it's up to you to decide what feels small enough. Choose something that feels small to you, easy, achievable. If it's easy, you'll do it, your confidence will grow, and you can make a more difficult resolution later. There's no point in making your resolution too hard to achieve.

One final thing to consider - your goal. How will you track your achievement? You need to put a number or a date on it. If it's a recurring activity, like 'call your best friend every week', you can tick it off on a chart. If it's to practice a language, make it your goal to reach the top of the Duolingo tree or to finish a particular book or course. If you want to take my ecourse and plan your work wardrobe, you can consider yourself done once you've finished the course and worn all your new outfits!

So what's my resolution? I'm aiming to read more. I track all my books read on Goodreads, so this is quite simple for me to quantify. I've read 45 books in 2016, so my goal is to read 46. Then I'll have read more! Don't feel intimidated by this, if you're not a big reader and you want to make it your resolution to read more - I am really into reading, I have a whole other blog about books! For you, a good goal might be four or ten or fifteen books, whatever feels achievable.

Have you chosen a New Year's Resolution? Do you have any tips?
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