Charity Shop Tuesday: When Things Aren't As Practical As They Appear

I thought this jumper dress thing would be totally practical when I found it at the charity shop I used to volunteer at. I tried it on and instantly discovered how fun it is to wear. The beads! The asymmetrical hem!

But I much prefer wearing skirts and dresses to trousers, and wearing this with skirts or dress would risk Hem Clash, and probably Neckline Clash too.

When I am wearing trousers, it's still a jumper dress without any sleeves. I have to wear either another jumper on top of it, or a cardigan, and because it's long I have to keep it hung up. Because it's not with all the other jumpers, I often forget it's there! I definitely like it though, and enjoy wearing it when I do, so hopefully writing this post will help me remember, and reach for it more often.

Do you own any items of clothing that seemed practical on the way to the till, but turned out to be less easy to wear than you'd like?

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