Monday Amusements 31

I may have been naughty a few weeks ago and bought more tights...

Hannah at Midnight Violets posted about her Sleek blush collection, with swatches and comparison photos. When I've used up my current favourite pale pink blush I think I will have to invest in Pixie Pink.

On the other end of the makeup spectrum, Evelyn at We Were Raised By Wolves reviewed her concealer stash.

Ugh, I really want the new Bourjois liquid lipsticks. There is no space for them in my stash though and I'm determined not to get more lip products until I've used some up.

I also really want these t-shirts, despite there being no space in my wardrobe.

I think at least half the internet must have seen Dog Shaming by now but I've only recently had a proper look - it's the perfect blend of hilarious and adorable.

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