Monday Amusements 29

It was my birthday last week so I had a couple of days off from blog-stuff, making this a short but sweet collection of links.

Make-Up Savvy's Nail Polish Wall is like a terrifying vision of my future. I must try really hard not to collect that much nail varnish, even though if I did I could use Fee's DIY advice...

At Killer Colours, a stunning duochrome nail polish that I will probably never buy because a) it's from a Russian company and b) see above. In other nail polish news, this sneak peek at two of the L'Oreal spring/summer releases at London Beauty Review is extremely tempting!

As a woman with one room to her name, I love bedroom tour videos, and Jane's was no exception. So much Disney, and yet so tidy!

Finally, Anyone Up For Some Jiggly Paw Noms? The little wiggling feets!

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