The Best of Both Seasons?

My style calendar goes like this: I embrace dressing like a witch in October and November. In December I wear a bit of gold and red and green but mostly I put on as much glitter as possible. In January and Febuary I go back to the jewel tones and berry shades for a while but by March I'm desperate for some sun and start trying to pile layers on under summer dresses and wearing as many bright colours as I can.

I never really want summer to be over. I love summer. I love not being cold. I love barbeques. I love not having to wear a vest and more than one pair of tights. I love long days. I love bright colours. At the moment I'm clinging to summer, even as the days get shorter and darker. Autumn doesn't really exist, in my opinion - where I live, all the deciduous trees seem to drop their leaves at once, over the space of one day. And it will be raining at the same time, so that there is no crunchiness, only a soggy mush. The 'slight chill' will last a week, and then it will be properly, horribly, cold. Until June. I don't drink coffee, but I put cinnamon in my hot drinks in winter too. And apple pie? Okay, I'll give you that one, but otherwise the only thing that I really like about autumn is the biennual fashion-discovers-goth phase, which happened last year, so this year the main trend is something else. Chunky knits? Baroque? Stereotypical Russian style? Oh, I don't know, and I don't care. The important thing is that it's not goth, so hopefully people will be taking all their lovely Autumn/Winter 2012 clothes to the charity shops for me to buy, as soon as my mind is done with its current tug of war.

I want to resist the cold with the aid of bright pink and purple and turquoise, but I also love the more autumn-appropriate berry shades - dark purples and reds and blues and greens. I've decided to deal with this dilemma by getting out all of my most autumnal nail polishes. I will keep wearing my summery pink cardigans but paint my fingernails dark purple. My bright violet skirts and dresses will go perfectly with dark raspberry nails. Most of my hats and scarves are dark berry colours, or grey, so I can co-ordinate with those.

 And by the time I'm bored of this combo, it will probably be Christmas time, and I can bring on the glitter!

How do you feel about the coming of winter? Or are you one of those lucky people in the southern hemisphere, who still have summer to look forward to this year?

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