Monday Amusements 15

My nails last week! Going to add some glitter now.

I'm currently rejoicing because M&S have some new coloured tights in stock! Or they might do. The colour squares on their website are utterly unreliable, so I'll wait until I can look in store.

Lately I've been loving the hair tutorials at xoVain. Not all of the looks they've featured are original, but I'd never seen a tutorial for this braided ribbon crown or this Edwardian style roll before! I need to buy a hair band for the roll, and my hair's too long for the braided ribbon crown, but as soon as I get a haircut I'm trying it!

Usually these lists contain nothing all that surprising, but before reading Company's 11 Weirdest Beauty Tips EVER I hadn't heard that Lady Gaga recommended using sticky tape to remove glitter or that you can curl your eyelashes with a spoon.

I loved Lipglossiping's post Overhauling my dental routine before it’s too late! I'm becoming increasingly aware that my youthful resilence won't last forever and that I should probably start regularly doing things like exercising and flossing in order to help maintain my health as much as I can.

Today's cute link is just a tweet, but it contains a picture of a golden retriever festival. Enjoy!


  1. The ribbon crown is a medieval hairstyle and it does work with longer hair, you just wrap the braids around twice and use more pins. I know a girl who wears her hair that way sometimes whose hair is past waist length.
    There's a tutorial for it in one of my historical costume books, in that version rather than using a single ribbon laid across the top, two separate ribbons are incorporated into the plaits lower down, but the overall effect is similar.

    1. I do braided crowns all the time, so I could easily do one with ribbon in, but the major selling point for me of this ribbon crown tutorial is not having to use as many pins! Also the bow, though it may look silly when I actually try it...


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