Monday Amusements 9

Some products I've been loving recently and will review soon!

It's a very short one this week as I've not had much time to pore over posts, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! If you want more, investigate the archive!

I'm not a daisy lady but I loved seeing this post about them at Daisies and DMs as it reminded me how much I love roses - definitely a subject for a post of my own! I've been collecting rose hair clips for years and last week bought some beautiful black and purple rose print fabric that my mum is going to make into a dress for me. I know once it's finished I'll struggle to convince myself to wear anything else!

 I've been an M&S tight addict for years now but haven't bought anything in the last few seasons as all the fashion tights have been the thin, one-use (two if you're lucky) variety, whereas I like opaques or at least durable lace! I'm starting to look elsewhere for my tights fix, and I loved this outfit post at sparklyvodka, those tights are fantastic! I like the black ones but they're not very opaque so I wouldn't get much wear out of them, still tempted though!

Phyrra's Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands list is an excellent resource, there are loads of companies on there whose products I've either already tried or am longing to try. I'm really pleased that she's included international shipping details on the listings so that I don't click through only to be disappointed.

I loved SillyGrrl's post How to get off the blogging bandwagon. I've never felt a strong need to blog in the same way as someone else, but I feel that this is something I want to remind myself of now that blogging has become so popular. I don't see the point in creating a tutorial if someone else has already made a wonderful one for the same item or look, and there are some memes I love as they provide a great jumping off point but others I avoid as its too easy to find yourself repeating what others have said. Even in these Monday Amusements posts I try to provide some sort of commentary on every link I include because otherwise I might as well just  tweet the links and be done with it! As a reader, I'm not going to follow a blog just because I know the person from another site or because someone else recommended it. If it's a fashion or make-up blog, I need to want to imitate the person's style, at least sometimes, because I read for inspiration as well as community. No matter how good a make-up blogger is, if all their looks feature neutral eyes and nude lips I'm not going to subscribe to their blog, because it's not relevant to my interests.

Finally, if you haven't seen this video of a pug getting excited over the ending of Homeward Bound, you must!


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