Fashionable Fiction 1: Edie, from Diary of a Crush

Me again, trying to stay true to my word and post more often! This is a new series that I've been planning to start for ages, partly inspired by all the blogs that create outfits for film and television characters, but instead I will be creating outfits for fictional characters based on the descriptions in their books!

Over on my book blog, this fleeting dream, I've been celebrating the re-release of one of my favourite teen fiction series, Diary of a Crush, with a themed week, and today I decided to take it over here and create some outfits for Edie, the diarist herself, based on her own descriptions in the books. If you want to know what store or brand an item is from, click the book/date link to go through to Polyvore.

Edie is a bottle-blonde with a Sixties fringe and a love of vintage hunting and eBay shopping. She went to secondary school in Brighton (where she must have acquired much of her wardrobe - Brighton has great shops), but then moved to Manchester to do her A Levels at college. She loves dressing up and swapping clothes with her friend Shona, though Shona seems to borrow from Edie more of the time!

French Kiss, November 9th

Edie, November 9th

Edie goes to a gig with Shona, and wears a Sixties cherry-print dress and a little red cardie. Alas, I could not find a dress that matched the description, so I picked two that I thought would work. I added in an eyeliner pen, so that she could do her eyeliner to match, and glittery red nail varnish like she wore to college when she first met Mia. Finally, it is a gig, and Edie loves her Converses, so I couldn't resist including red and black options!

French Kiss, first morning in Paris
Edie, first day in Paris

The trip to Paris features a lot of outfit changes, and after a chaotic first evening, Edie wakes up early the next day to get dressed in plenty of time. In the new edition of French Kiss she wears a Nordic sweater dress but I didn't like any of those on Polyvore so I went back to my 2004 copy for inspiration. I replaced the pink cord miniskirt with a skater skirt to make it more up to date and added some accessories, including a striped scarf as worn in the 2013 version!

Edie, 5th March

Edie wears a vintage floral dress for a date - of course there isn't much in the way of vintage on Polyvore so I picked a couple of appropriately-styled new dresses to go with the headscarf and boots.

Edie, 20th July
It's the end of college party, and Edie dresses up in a pale pink Sixties shift dress, which again, I couldn't really find, so I picked out another couple of dresses that, combined with the hair slides and nail varnish, would make anyone look a bit like a 'strawberry milkshake'!

None of these outfits are much like my normal style, but I do really like them! Maybe I'll be taking a leaf out of Edie's book (groan) and trying to pull off one of these ensembles in the near future. What do you think?

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