May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 25 - A totally YOU outfit

I was tempted to put together a totally purple outfit but that would be a bit obvious, plus I don't actually wear completely purple outfits very often (because I only have one of some types of clothing in purple so they don't all go together) so I decided to find a real picture from the archives instead! This is the outfit I wore to my BA graduation ceremony, a whopping four years ago this year, but my style is pretty static - I just add new obsessions and never really discard past loves. I cropped my head out because my facial expression was not the greatest.

There are four things about this outfit that make it typically me:

1. The purple (duh)
2. The matchy-matchyness - the shirt matches the tights and the purple on the jewellery
3. The smartness with a touch of gothiness - CorpGoth is basically my default style. If I am in doubt regarding what to wear for an occasion, I CorpGoth it up.
4. The inclusion of a bright pink item. Usually it's lipstick but here I believe it was lipstick + bag. I love that bag but it's starting to tear. Pleather, you break my heart.

1 comment:

  1. 'CorpGoth' I love it! What a fab description. I graduated 4 years ago too, boo!


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