May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 27 - Inspired by your style icon

I don't really have a style icon now. I've gone through several in the past. It all began, like Hannah, with Amy Lee, when I was 16:

How much did I want long black hair and blue eyes? The answer is: A lot. I was so obsessed I had a whole folder of pictures of her outfits and used to have a shopping list that I would update every time I found a new picture of her. I tried many a time to copy the make-up from the 'Going Under' video:

I recommend the below tutorial, if you want to try it. Obviously this tutorial was not about in 2003, I discovered it a year or so ago! Thank you YouTube sidebar.

When I was 18/19 I discovered Emilie Autumn, which led to an obsession with stripes - grey and black are my favourite. I also got into fashion blogging and started to be inspired by Gala Darling's love of colour. I also obsessed over hats with Ashe, drooled over Viona's photography, and admired Zoetica Ebb's wardrobe and ability to put together an outfit. But I didn't try to copy any one person's style. I never really did. Even when I was an Amy Lee devotee, I was too shy/low on funds to do more than try to grow my hair, experiment a bit with make-up, and wear longer skirts. But once I started exploring all the gorgeous images and blogs that were starting to appear, I was inspired by too much to even want to hitch my apple wagon to only one star.

More recently I discovered the wondrous world of make-up blogging and started learning how to apply eyeshadow properly (hint: it involves brushes) - the bloggers whose make-up looks I copy the most are Zoffe and Lily, but I have tutorials and EOTDs saved from many more.


  1. i adore amy lee and emilie autumn, weird to think that's how i found your blog in the first place! <3

  2. Oh Amy Lee-- I still obsess over that plaid ballgown-ish thing from that werewolf video. She's got amazing style, even if I didn't get super in to the band. (Fact: the first time Evanescence came on, I remember going, "Did Mandy Moore do a duet with Lincoln Park???" But I liked it a lot. Thank god that wasn't the combo, yeah?

    And I really don't obsess about hats as much as I used to-- I need to get on that.

  3. Ashe - *corrects spelling of your name* I think most people assumed Ev were Linkin Park with a female vocalist the first time they heard them. I didn't because I saw the music video before hearing the song on the radio! And yes, please obsess about hats more, you're so good at it! Hehe!


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