May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 23 - Something from your favourite store

My favourite store is Monsoon. I don't have loads of clothes from Monsoon as they're out of my regular price range but they do fabulous 50% and 70% off sales. Everything I've bought there has been of great quality and I love their quirky yet sophisticated style.

Pictured above is a dress I got for half price last summer and (oh god, this is becoming a cliche on this blog), I haven't worn it yet! I think I actually bought it after the weather took a sharp turn for the autumnal following the October heatwave. I love it though, and as I've already mentioned, I'm fussy about florals so this was a lucky find.

One of my most worn items from Monsoon is this dress, which of course I got for 70% off. I've actually had to cut back on wearing it because I don't want the bottom to get so bobbly I can't get away with wearing it as a dress anymore and have to wear it as a top. Woe!

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