May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 6 - Something out of your comfort zone but you love it

This dress. Oh. This dress.

I'm pretty sure that it's out of most people's comfort zone. If it were black it might be in Zoetica Ebb's, but other than that...

I'm convinced I got it so cheap because it's so weird. It's not really pretty, despite the colour. It doesn't give me the illusion of curves. The construction is a bit random. To be frank, it looks like it was made by a drunk pixie. A genius drunk pixie, but a drunk pixie all the same.

I have yet to actually wear it because on which occasions is a dress like this appropriate? I feel like it might be the kind of thing for book launches and evening talks at the V&A, where I can be a bit formal without feeling like I want to be feminine. I don't go to either very often, and having never worn it, it's easy to forget that I even own it. I nearly wore it to a book launch last year but then forgot and wore something more normal.

But I love its quirkiness. I think most of it is cotton but the darker bits of fabric are some magical super-soft stuff. It's such a nice colour. And the label says Sportsmax Code, which means that for less than £10 it was probably another great bargain.

I've decided that I must wear it within the next month. Even if it's just to go to a pub or to the library or something. I've got no excuse for saving it, it's not even dry clean only, the label assures me that hand washing in cold water is fine.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully post twice for the last time in this challenge! Yay!


  1. It is really...odd! But odd can be good. I guess if you feel too weird in it you could hide it under a cardigan!

  2. Yeah, I think if I wear it with black opaque tights and a black cardigan I might be able to compensate for its strangeness somewhat...


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