May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 17 - Something you wear when it's sunny

I am almost religious about wearing my sunglasses. If I leave the house in the daytime, they come with me. I'll even wear them in winter if the sun's bright enough. I don't care if people give me funny looks for wearing sunglasses with a wooly hat. I even have to take them if I'm travelling in the evening, in case I round a corner into the glare of the sun whilst it's setting. I don't like to squint, it makes me feel like my contacts might pop out. I also find that if I've got a headache I'm much more comfortable when I'm wearing my sunglasses.

For most of last summer I wore a pair that my sister got from Primark a few years back, with a massive chunk missing out of one lens. They were hideous but I was determined to wait until I found the perfect new pair.

Happily, I got these cat-eye-ish sunglasses for £1.50 (yes really!) from a M&S outlet. What more could I have asked for? I just hope they continue to serve me well this summer!

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