May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 13 -Your lazy day at home with style outfit

I don't have a lazy day at home with style that often, as most of my friends don't live close enough to me to just be able to pop over and hang out. On the one hand, I miss the times at uni when I could just turn up at a friends house or they'd turn up at mine, but on the other, I know I'd get so much less done during my days if people were more likely to come round!

However, one of my best friends lives a bus ride away from me, so every now and then we just hang around the house for a few hours. She is an incredibly stylish lady, so I know I can't just slob around in pyjamas, but if I'm not going out I can't be bothered to make too much effort!

My lazy day at home style basically consists of jeggings + long top or t-shirt, plus a cardigan. I have three pairs of what I term 'house jeans' (jeans that I used to wear outside or that my sister used to wear outside, but that are now faded and worn and out of style) and sometimes I wear the nicer pair of those but my jeggings are much smarter though they're not as worn. I have also chosen the cutest t-shirt I own - the unicorn pegasi t-shirt! So cute I couldn't resist this top despite it being brown and green.

Jeggings from Topshop, t-shirt from Papaya (several years ago, family holiday to Orlando). Here is a close up of the t-shirt! Look at the lickle winged unicorns! They are so cute!

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