May 31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 24 - The item that brings all the boys to the yard

When I saw this topic I laughed. Men compliment me on such random things. From my tights to my eyeshadow skillz, there's no consistency. When I was 19/20 and at my students' union club night one time, queuing to buy a drink and waiting for my friend to join me, I was complimented on this necklace:

by a really, really cute guy. Unfortunately it was loud so I couldn't hear what he said after that very well but because I felt so awkward I pretended that I could (I don't know what I was thinking either), nodded and smiled, and my friend came back from the loos pretty quickly and then he disappeared and I never saw him again.


I do love that necklace though. I think it's pewter - in any case I've had it for years and I've yet to see a single bit of orange disgrace its loveliness.

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