Glamorous Witches

At the start of July, Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset, England, announced that they were looking for a new witch to live in their caves and entertain tourists, after their previous witch had retired. The new witch, they said, must be able to cackle, and must not be allergic to cats.

3,124 people applied, 278 suggested their mothers-in-law (nice), and 23 church groups sent letters of protest. 300 people made it to the auditions, video footage from them can be seen here, and here. The job was finally given to former estate agent Carole Bohanan, who has reinvented herself as family-friendly glamorous witch Carla Calamity. Picture here, interview video here, handover-of-the-broom ceremony here! Doesn't she look fabulous? Stripy tights, corset, gorgeous scarf, and that hat! Puts all my half-hearted witch costumes at Halloween to shame. I think I'll go as her this year!

Looking at her picture in another commuter's copy of the Metro last week, I started to think of all the variations of witch costume that I could, and then today I spent some time writing descriptions and when I felt inspired, putting outfits together on Polyvore. Perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Carla Calamity
Just add a stripy scarf and wind some tulle around a plain pointy hat. According to her Twitter, her corset is from Flitterbat, but I think you could create a similar look with several belts.
Carla Calamity

Designer Witch
This witch is the most powerful of all - she can magic herself up endless money and defend herself from would-be muggers. She doesn't wear a pointy hat - you can't get those in boutiques, but she does ride a broomstick - limousines are so last season, darling.
Designer Witch

Charmed Witch
Just wear a pair of blue jeans and a fancy pastel-coloured top.

Hogwarts Witch
Charmed Knits has patterns for all the clothing you'd need to start the new term at Hogwarts. Sweaters, socks, scarves, hats, robes, even owls. I personally have no desire to have my own Hogwarts uniform, but I looked through it in the library and it seems like a really useful and fun book for those who do.

The Worst Witch
White shirt (grey for The New Worst Witch), pinafore, diagonally striped black & white tie, black tights, 'sensible' shoes.

Miss Hardbroom
Black cardigan or jacket zipped up to your chin, hair in a bun/Croydon facelift, dark red lipstick, scowl.

For those who can't make up their minds/think witches should have wings and glitter.
Fairy Witch

The Witches' Cat The Cat That Owns The Witch*
The Designer Witch needs a well-dressed familiar, and I thought this post was rather lacking in purple up to this point.
The Witches' Cat/The Cat That Owns The Witch

*because of course, there's no such thing as a cat owner ;)

Can you think of any more variations on this theme? I thought about doing Polyvores for the witches from Hocus Pocus and Eglantine Price from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but I don't own a copy of either film and I couldn't find any good pictures to work from.


  1. Cool post! I should like to think of myself as Designer Witch ^_^

  2. Oh in the
    1st: that corset belt and black and white tights is yay
    2nd: those red boots and purse!
    3rd:beautiful black dress
    4th: hot hot boots.

    You are turning me into a window shop-a-holic


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