Monday Amusements 4

...and I return, diving into the blogosphere and surfing across the web in general (now it occurs to me: the metaphors do not blend well, how can one surf a web?*). These are the things keeping me amused on this Monday evening.

I am learning:
Time Management for Creative People, mustering up the self-discipline to get all that I want to get done, for at least a few days each week. One day I will be 100% organised, look out world!

I am adding to my wishlists:
Books recommended by Rie of Leaving Shangri-L.A. - actually I've been doing this for the past several weeks, working my way through the archives in my spare moments, justifying it as "research for my MA". It's a fabulous combination of lifestyle and book review blog and I am going to check out most of the books suggested. I've even been reminded of some books I'd read as a child but had forgotten the names of.

I am contemplating buying: A tutu from my favourite and only local vintage/second-hand/random shop, which is closing down at the end of this month. I've already bought a new-to-me ballgown for £18, and I will probably end up blowing my "entertainment" money for the next month in there when I make further visits. It's a short, but nicely fluffy pink confection and a friend of mine already picked one up in red. I've been referring to The Cocoa Guide To Tutus and looking at lots of pictures and stores online to help me decide whether I should get it. I think I will have to try it on with some of the skirts I would wear over it to be absolutely sure.

If you are not convinced that tutus are awesome, check out the Flickr pool for The Adventures of the Travelling Tutu, it should change your mind.

I am "awww"ing over: this picture of a fawn and bobcat snuggling! I love pictures of unlikely animal friends. Like these, and most of all these!

How are you beating the start-of-the-week blues?

*Answer: one cannot surf a web, at some point you would get stuck in it - which actually makes it an appropriate metaphor - whilst "surfing" the world wide web, one will eventually find something that they are interested in and get stuck into. I am such a nerd.


  1. oh gawd i need to go to an organising class. i need pro help.

  2. Tutus are COOL. What a great thing to spend your money on.

  3. What are your views on men wearing tutus? I have a friend who has expressed an interest in doing this.

  4. gilda - Awww! I actually have been to a couple of organisation workshops/talk things and they weren't as helpful as some books and online articles are for me. I think it's a really personal thing, you have to find the right system for you which can take a lot of research and thinking.

    Icy - Yes, I didn't buy it in the end though, when I tried it on it was FAR too short for me!

    Zaki - I am all for anyone and everyone wearing tutus. As long as they are worn with confidence, nothing else matters in the end :)


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