Monday Amusements 3


Dahl nicely sums up the materials debate for shoes in Shoe Dilemma: Ethics, not Aesthetics. I've had this post bookmarked for a long time.


Have you had a Kittenbreak today? I used to visit that website everyday when I was at school in Year 13. We were in a IT classroom for registration period so that we could work on our university application forms. I spent most of the time having a Kittenbreak and reading webcomics.

Shiny Things

guttersnipe yarn's skeins of handspun natural-fibre yarn are inspired by Halloween, steampunk, Sweeney Todd, music, graffiti, and whatever else their creator finds interesting. They are not generally so much shiny as creative and cuddly, but the steampunk yarns come with some shiny things - "accoutrements" - including keys, watch parts, and buttons, intended to be put into whatever the knitter creates. I have my eyes on a few of the skeins, I wonder if you can guess which ones ;)

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