Monday Amusements


Seeing Life Through the Eyes of a Child, by Jill Allison Bryan at Creativity Portal.

I especially like the advice to turn 'your to-do list into your “I get to-do” list'. I started titling my to-do list "Adventures for..." and then the date, and it makes everything seem more fun.


Kittens on a treadmill! This is so cute, and it makes me crack up laughing every time.

Shiny Things

Eclectic Eccentricity is my favourite jewellery e-store in the world. I own a necklace and a ring from there, which are really nice quality and fairly priced. I spend a lot of time going through the pages and adding things to my basket. The new Autumn/Winter 2008 range went up a few days ago, which contains more lovely shinies as usual. Subscribe to the newsletter and you'll get regular discount codes.

The sections in this post are inspired by a venty e-mail one of my friends sent me - she pleaded for things in the the last two categories to cheer her up.


  1. Ooh, thanks for that link to Eclectic Eccentricity! I've never heard of them before, so now I have something new to drool over when I should be paper-writing...!

  2. Hi, I'm sorry to be a little abrupt, or off topic, however I've been reading your blog and well, that's the trouble- i can't read it.
    This may be because I work with computers, but I find the dark text on purple incredibly difficult to focus on, i have to apple-a to manage to read anything!
    I'm honestly not saying this to be cruel-I'm (almost) starting my own blog and you might be turning away potential return visits from as something silly as readability issues.
    That said, I still went back 3 pages because i enjoyed your writing, always nice to see someone mix fashion and craft.

  3. Thanks for your comment, thelemonswere, I'm not offended at all, it's actually really helpful that you've said that, I've been planning a redesign.

    I always have the contrast turned up and the brightness down low on my monitor, because it's easier on my eyes, and I often forget that most people don't have things so dark when I design things. I made the striped background as pale as I could so that the writing was readable, but it seems it doesn't work? Is it the stripes that's a problem, or the brightness of the purple?

    The stripes make my eyes go funny if I look at them for long enough, so I'll be going for a plain colour next time.


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