Monday Amusements 2

Okay, it's Tuesday here now, but as long as it's still Monday in some part of the world I will use my title - I like the assonance.


Do The Bustle! Ivy explains the bustle, and provides a guide to making your own version. I didn't know they were actually invented to stop 19th century women's skirts dragging on the ground - I couldn't wear them under a skirt as the curve of my back gives me too much of a natural bustle!


The two talking cats. Yes, we're covering all the YouTube classics here!

Shiny Things

Champignons produce beautifully stenciled moleskine cahiers. I have promised myself one as soon as I need a new notebook - however I have accumulated so many that it make take me years to fill them, unless I learn to make my letters a lot wider all of a sudden (unlikely). In the meantime, I am considering treating myself to one of the cameo pendants instead.


  1. Wow, I LOVE everything in Champignons! I can definitely see the appeal in the notebooks, too, they're too pretty to write in! I really want that Birdcage Brooch too.. hmm... ♥

  2. Guh. I can't wait to get my hands on that DIY bustle tutorial.

    Thanks for sharing!


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