dark red spiral mesh cap

I knit this hat from a pattern in the book Domiknitrix. I bought the right weight yarn - aran - I checked on Ravelry. I got some Rowan Scottish Tweed in 013, from the sale bin at John Lewis Bluewater. It's this lovely dark red with flecks of other shades and the occasional blob of purple. I used the right size needles. I even checked the gauge! I often can't be arsed to check the gauge! I measured my head. I decided a small was the right size. I cast on. You can never really tell the size when you've just cast on. I did the picot band. I did a few rows of the hat body, and then I stopped.

It was clearly coming out too big. Damn. So I knit the rest of the hat, so that I could judge exactly how too big it was. I looped the thread through the cast-off part without cutting it, and I took this horribly blurred photo, so you too can see exactly how massive this hat came up.

It covered my nose and I could fit both fists inside it at the same time as my head. Bemused and amused, I took it off, pinched it about to see how much less fabric there needed to be, did the appropriate maths, and then frogged it. I left it a couple of days because I was feeling annoyed, then made sure I had plenty of episodes of I Should Be Writing on my mp3 player (I'm catching up on the archives), and cast-on, for attempt number two.

I am delighted to say that my maths did the trick perfectly! I took another horribly blurred photo to prove it!

I must learn how to use self-timer or remote control on the dSLR, so that I can show you decent photos that are not taken at arm's length. My camera has self-timer, but you have to put it on again after every picture and I can never be arsed to try it more than twice.

But isn't the hat cute? I love it! Nobody else in the blogosphere or on Ravelry has reported sizing issues with this pattern, so I will blame my small head and probable inability to accurately measure it. I will review the whole book once I've tried a few more patterns, but I really enjoyed this one and wanted to show you my work.

I wore it the day I finished it with this teal-green cardigan (Topshop via Red Cross shop), a black vest top, my grey and black striped skinny trousers (H&M), and a red bag. The only full outfit photos that got taken that day were in purikura booths, and I haven't been e-mailed them yet. When I do I will show you, or I may just wear that outfit again as it was hot!


Monday Amusements 2

Okay, it's Tuesday here now, but as long as it's still Monday in some part of the world I will use my title - I like the assonance.


Do The Bustle! Ivy explains the bustle, and provides a guide to making your own version. I didn't know they were actually invented to stop 19th century women's skirts dragging on the ground - I couldn't wear them under a skirt as the curve of my back gives me too much of a natural bustle!


The two talking cats. Yes, we're covering all the YouTube classics here!

Shiny Things

Champignons produce beautifully stenciled moleskine cahiers. I have promised myself one as soon as I need a new notebook - however I have accumulated so many that it make take me years to fill them, unless I learn to make my letters a lot wider all of a sudden (unlikely). In the meantime, I am considering treating myself to one of the cameo pendants instead.


Monday Amusements


Seeing Life Through the Eyes of a Child, by Jill Allison Bryan at Creativity Portal.

I especially like the advice to turn 'your to-do list into your “I get to-do” list'. I started titling my to-do list "Adventures for..." and then the date, and it makes everything seem more fun.


Kittens on a treadmill! This is so cute, and it makes me crack up laughing every time.

Shiny Things

Eclectic Eccentricity is my favourite jewellery e-store in the world. I own a necklace and a ring from there, which are really nice quality and fairly priced. I spend a lot of time going through the pages and adding things to my basket. The new Autumn/Winter 2008 range went up a few days ago, which contains more lovely shinies as usual. Subscribe to the newsletter and you'll get regular discount codes.

The sections in this post are inspired by a venty e-mail one of my friends sent me - she pleaded for things in the the last two categories to cheer her up.
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