What I Wore, 27/5/2008

Yes, this was last month. I was planning to take a whole load of daily outfit photos recently, but then I got ill. I'm recovering now but not at a high level of snappy dressing yet.

Necklace - purple Mardi Gras beads brought back from...some place...by my grandparents
Bracelet - jewellery counter in Debenhams, originally bought to wear with my dress at my school Leavers' Ball
Dress - Monsoon
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Slippers - The Disney Store (only place I can get slippers in my size!)

Unfortunately I took all my full-length photos and closeups of my make-up pointing the camera at the bathroom mirror...which I forgot to clean. The only clean part seems to be the bit I was pointing it at in the first photo above. I did get my sister to take some photos, but she, being arty-minded rather than blog-minded, just took a load of my legs and a couple of full length shots of my back.

Rule #3467 of Being A Fashion Blogger - CLEAN THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU TAKE PHOTOS

It is one of my favourite dresses, however, so I should be able to get a photo of the whole thing soon. Please, universe, let me remember to clean the mirror this time...


  1. HAHAHAAH!!! i know!! i do that all the time too. it's so stupid. i take a ton of pictures then at night when i've already changed to my pjs, i load it on my mac and the photos will all be a disgusting mess. ugh!!

  2. Can you set your camera to take a picture a minute or so after you click? Just set it on a solid surface and stand back.
    I love your dress... anything green makes me happy. :-P

  3. gilda - that is so frustrating!

    ~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ - I've tried self-timer, but the pictures are never any good. I'm an appalling photographer and have to use the mirror so I can watch the screen on the camera! The dress isn't actually green, just grey and black, the greenness is a testament to my awful camera (lack of) skills!

    annie - Thanks!


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