Shoes Glorious Shoes

I just updated Big Feet Big Problem - Shoe Shopping For The Outsize with a section devoted to all the wonderful custom-sized slippers and shoes that can be bought via Etsy. Go forth and enjoy!

Whilst searching through 4o-odd pages of shoes to find the custom-made ones, I discovered NDEUR Shoes, which feature handpainted designs. Wow. They paint on vintage shoes which I expect means standard sizes only but you can also send them your own shoes to be decorated, although it is still quite pricey - US$200! I think on my budget I'd rather give my sister £5, a brush and some shoe paint, and I probably would if shoes that fit me were more commonplace!

I also think these are lovely, and these Miss Bunny Skull Wedges and Heart and Sole Wedges are fantastically sweet and gothy, although I think anyone wearing them would need to follow the stripy tights guidelines, if they didn't want to look too baby batish!

Anyway, I'm going to return to lusting after these...


  1. ooh those shoes look good. i like the wedges...

    have you heard of irregular choice? they are currently my favorite. :) i wear some of their heels and they don't give me blisters or anything.

  2. Yes I have! They even make some shoes that may be my size, but they never have them in stores and obviously trying on is essential :(


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