Too Much Work, Too Much Work, Never Let Me Bead

A couple of weeks ago, the only haberdashery in the whole borough, and I am not exaggerating, closed down. This is bad because finding another one would require a visit up town, but good because it was happening as Sheila (the shop's owner and namesake) was retiring, not because nobody visited, and because she had a 50% off sale!

I got some little red beads and a bunch of embroidery thread but I haven't had the chance to even get them out of the paper bag and look at them since I bought them! The photo I took marks the first time I've removed them from the place on the shelf that I tossed them after bringing them home.

I have had no time. I have actually had no time for any crafts consistently since October! This is terrible! I want to knit and sew and bead but I can't, because I have more important things to do. I have loads of books on my shelf, but I can't read them, because I have more important things to do. I haven't played the piano for months, which makes me very sad. Although I've been beyond the point for years where not-practicing can make me worse, I really wanted to get better, and that involves a lot of work at my level. But I have more important things to do. Same for singing. Same for my novels. Third year for uni sucks. I want to get a good degree, more than anything right now, but I don't even get to socialise anymore. This is a big case of too many interests, too little time. At least I manage to find time to blog, squeezed in around everything else!

Craft Projects I Would Start If I Had Time:
  • Striped bookmarks. To make all my reading more fun.
  • Covering my notebook, to make lectures more fun.
  • Embroidery on clothes found in charity shops.
  • More Mexican icebox cookies.
  • Knitting a shawl.
  • Knitting a sweater.
  • Making more earrings.
It's my birthday in almost two weeks, and all I really want for it is more time! Instead, I'm asking for some more books I don't have time to read :D


What I Wore This Week: 3/2/2008

I have decided to start sharing the highlights of my outfits each week on the blog. Unfortunately, I only decided to do this on Thursday. Sunday is official designated "Ugly Day", the day when I wear my glasses (I got them back when I was in school, and they never suited me) and have two-day-dirty hair.

So I only have the three outfits from Thursday until yesterday and I am going to share them all!

1. Thursday

Apologies for bathroom mirror smudginess. Studies show that I am terrible at self-timer, and the fact that I have to reset it to self-timer every single time I take a photo annoys me no end. This is not a thrilling outfit really. I wanted to wear blue to match my nail varnish, and I only had to go out for three-four hours that day, so I wasn't too fussed. Thought I could do better the next day...

Skirt from H&M
Jumper also from H&M (I used to be a H&M fiend)
The shirt I'm wearing under the jumper is also from H&M but you can't see it
Tights are navy blue school tights I've had since I was 13 or 14
Watch is a gift, I've had it about twelve years - every other I've had has fallen off my wrist or been uncomfortable
Assorted bracelets all from Dorothy Perkins (never buying any more jewellery from there, it may be cheap but it falls apart very quickly)
Hair from my head and Reincarnate shampoo from Lush. My hair is wavy because I had it piled up in a bun thing overnight.

2. Friday
In this photo I am looking anxiously after my gorm, which has left my expression and wandered off to start a new life. Same skirt as yesterday, and I decided to see if I could rock purple and that shade of blue. I wish you could see my eye makeup, all myclose-up photos came out blurred. Blue on the outer half diagonally, and purple on the inner half. I hope that makes some sense...

Skirt and shirt from H&M (same as yesterday)
Jumper from Dorothy Perkins (actually, what I said about jewellery is rubbish, as I have actually sworn never to buy anything from Dorothy Perkins again - I did this last year after this jumper started to bobble ridiculously.)
Violently purple tights from M&S (they're really bright, the lighting was terrible. M&S have some fantastic tights in at the moment. So comfortable and such great colours)
Necklace from 'My Little Jewelry Shop'
Badges by MyMy and uni open day
Hair as before

3. Saturday

Okay, this is just jeans, top and tiara, but what I really want you to notice is my hair.

I did yesterday's bun thing whilst my hair was wet, then slept on it, and got this fabulous mess which started the day Helena Bonham Carter but was more Russell Brand by the end...I liked it. Of course, I couldn't have gone out the house like that without risking stares from everywhere. Maybe if I lived in New Cross still it would have been alright, but I don't think the dully suburban peoples of Bromley are really prepared for such wild hair. They'd probably just think I was a tramp. A purple tramp. Hmm, that's quite inspirational, maybe I'll try to create a purple tramp outfit for next week...
Jeans from Dorothy Perkins (don't fit very well...why in my teens did I get so much crap from that shop?)
Top from H&M via charity shop
Tiara from charity shop
Necklace (barely visible) Edinburgh Winter Market 2005
Hair from awesome

To the right you can see my wonderful blue stripy socks and my Eeyore slippers. Thought I'd show you them in case you were in any doubt as to how goth I really am. The Disney store is actually the only shop that sells slippers I can fit!
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