A few weeks ago I ordered from Sock Dreams and last week it arrived! Me and my sister ordered together - I owed her half a birthday present still - and she got two pairs and I got three.

Their tagline is completely correct, they are the best sock store in the known universe, and probably the rest of the universe as well because I cannot imagine more fantastic socks!

I got two pairs of N Stripes that were on clearance, Magenta/Maroon and Purple/Raspberry. They were only $6 each. I have been wearing them over a pair of thin black tights because of the cold weather here. They come up halfway on my thighs although they do suffer from the effects of gravity over the day and start behaving more like OTKs - over the knee socks. Sock Dreams have infected me with their acronyms as well as with their love! I feel like I have sexy legs when I wear my N Stripes, especially the Magenta/Maroon pair because they are so sultry.

My other pair are Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks in dark red. I haven't worn these yet but I can't wait and they are so long and thick and lovely I might skip the tights underneath. My sister got the Top-Striped OTK Tubes in Black with 3 White Stripes and the O Basics in a beige shade I can't check the name of because it won't display.

I asked my sister what she thought of her socks and she said "They're amazing. I've never felt socks like these, O Basics and tube socks. They're out there, bruv". Direct quote. I did tell her it was for my blog, maybe that was a mistake!


  1. Aren't they fabulous!!! I think I want some toe socks...

  2. They are! I think I might get toe socks next time :)

  3. I'd love to see the outfits you come up with for said new socks! I'm always looking for more good ways to mix-and-match them!


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