2008 Fashion Blogger Awards....x2

Edit: I spoke too soon. Clearly I am FAR behind on everything because there is actually another set of awards. I have to admit I'm not keeping up on my blogroll at the moment due to university work - I have massive backlogs for every blog that posts more than twice a week! So, take two!

I am in two minds about the idea of fashion blogger awards.

Mind One: Although I am usually skeptical about any kind of awards, there are so many great blogs out there and I think it's a great idea to share the love, especially when the mainstream press spend so much energy trying to put blogs down.

Mind Two: I can see the awards making bloggers more competitive, which could erode the great sense of community I think is there at the moment. I can also see several bloggers trying to set up their own awards and the whole thing becoming very confusing and pointless in the future.

I can only conclude that no one knows how awards will go in the future, whether they'll grow, flop, or get exploited (who knows, maybe the next years' will be sponsored by H&M as an apology!), and so it's a bit early to decide now. There are two sets of awards already, so I can see my confusion and pointlessness point coming true though, sad to say.

  • Jen at Mahalo Fashion is hosting the 2008 Fashion Blogger (F. A. B.) Awards. The project seems friendly and based around growing the community, and they're accepting nominations from anyone. Voting begins on the 1st of February, so go nominate!
  • The second set of awards, which I only just remembered although I'm sure I've seen them being mentioned before, are the 2008 Fabbies Fashion Blog Awards, which aim to encompass the whole of the "Lifestyle Blogosphere". I seem to have missed the nomination process, but voting is going on now. You have to register, but it only involves clicking a few buttons.

I have to say I'm not a great fan of the names for the awards. Maybe the cheesiness is because there are no dead fashion bloggers to be namesakes, and perhaps in a hundred years time (if blogs still exist) people will be celebrating the Bubbles or the Galas. Har har.

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