Halloween Treats, Gifts, and Other Delights

Some people celebrate Christmas in their hearts all year round. I do my best to avoid them, since I celebrate Halloween in my heart, all year round. Despite my often aforementioned fear of looking like the holiday personified, I do really enjoy it, most of the time.

There have been some disappointing times recently, and I am determined to make up for them this year. I am currently suffering the dilemma of costume. Shall I be a witch, a black cat, or a dark faerie? These are the only three costumes I have ever worn. I live in the UK. Our costumes have to fit the theme - it's not just a general fancy-dress night like it seems to be in the USA. But I love witches, black cats and dark faeries, so it's okay.

Yesterday I was in a local charity shop where I saw an absolutely amazing dress. It looked like a ice skater's dress, and it was all black, with a glittery bodice and a puffy skirt with black lace netting underneath. I went to try it on and got really excited. It looked amazing, and I thought I had found the basis for this year's dark faerie costume. Then I turned around and saw that the zip wasn't done up all the way, and no matter how much I tried it would not be persuaded to close fully - my rib cage was just too big!

I had been mislead by the letter on the hanger ('M') into thinking it could fit. Since falling prey to this cruel trick I have been trying to console myself by looking at the many treats that online stores have served up to tempt us at this time of year.

I am most excited by Sock Dreams' collection of Halloween socks and accessories. I am considering buying my sister some socks for her upcoming birthday and if I do I will add these kitty cat socks to the order for myself, and possibly the spider sock garters - the purple-legged variety of course! Most of their Halloween items are cute and spooky but small, so that they can be worn on an ordinary occasions without the dreaded consquence of personifying Halloween! The Sock Journal blog itself says of the Halloween socks that they: "usually try to avoid novelty socks but these were too cute to pass up this time…" and I am so glad that was the case!

Etsy is celebrating too with a Halloween showcase, updated daily, and a costume contest, which will hopefully see the site flooded with many wonderful costumes! I told you they had a definite dark side! Today I spotted the bride of dr caligari, a black chain and cameo necklace and A Tangled Web We Do Sometimes Weave, a elegantly beautiful spider necklace. I recieved one of Girlontherocks' Stache-o-lantern badges in the October Sampler and they are cute and bound to attract many a puzzled and curious look! Make sure you check out all the seller's shops for other wonderfully spooky delights.

If you're low on cash, Gothic Martha Stewart can help you decorate and the real one can help you dress up, as can e_Diva at Mookychick as she presents Mooky Tips for a DIY Halloween.

I think I have recovered now from the disappointment of failing to fit the dress. I'm off to find my copy of Making Stuff and my purple and gold feather boa so that I can make myself some wings...how does a "dark angel" costume sound?


  1. Great post! I also celebrate Halloween in my heart all year round (with very subtle 'costumes'). Dark angel sounds great - and it's not exactly something you've done before which makes it even better (I always like variety).

    I hope you'll submit this post to the next edition of the Fabulous! Festival! The theme is Halloween. Submissions are due by Friday. You can submit via this link: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_1548.html

  2. Thank you Meg :) I was going to submit it, but I've been so ridiculously busy and now the submission form's changed (although it is still Friday in half of the world)! I seem to miss the deadline every edition due to some mishap...*sigh*

  3. oh man i have noooooooo idea what to wear. it's terrible!!

  4. gilda - aww, I get that for every fancy-dress event, unless I plan massively in advance! It's not easy to pick something.


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