this ravelry obsession

I got my Ravelry invite.

Oh my god. This site is amazing. Better than I imagined and than I could communicate to you now. If you knit or crochet and you haven't signed up for an invite yet, DO IT.

You can list your yarns, projects, patterns and books, then see what other people are doing with all of them. Bought one skein too many for a project and unable to return it? Problem solved! Just look up the yarn and you can see what others have done with it. Want to substitute the yarn for a particular project? You can see what other people are using at the click of a button!

There are groups too, based around a wide range of topics, from feminism to goth, and Joss Whedon to Brenda Dayne. Anyone can start one up and my immediate favourite is lolravelers - devoted to cat macros with yarn and knitting in them.

No, seriously.


  1. OK - I've taken your advice and signed up to the waiting list. I then went and checked how long the waiting list was. I have 19308 people in front of me in the queue! Does it move quite quickly?

  2. amypalko - I think I signed up in July, but they've been speeding up the invitations recently - I had 1000 people in front of me one day and only 300 the next, and then a few days later I was in. They keep saying that they're going to be done with the beta soon, as well, and open it up to everybody. So I can't really say.

  3. Thanks for that, ladyjulianne! I'll let you know when I have any success.


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