Oh Happy Day!

Finally, the Goddess of Craft has heard my prayers, and the God of Hats has bestowed his long-awaited gift upon the world.

Amy Karol has made a bonnet pattern available to buy online.

It comes in sizes for babies, children, and most importantly, adults. Can you not hear the chorus of angels singing in the background? I've wanted a bonnet pattern for so long, for knitting or sewing, I did not care, but all I could find were patterns for babies, vintage adult patterns too difficult to understand, or crochet patterns. I have nothing against crochet but my hands are just completely unable to manage the hooking technique, I have tried several times to no avail, but I can't work it out.

The Flickr group for Amy Karol's mailorder club has several lovely interpretations. I like this cordroy one, this blue one with a pink ribbon, and this one in butterfly fabric. When I get the pattern I want to make one in purple (obviously), with black lace and maybe some beadwork. Hurry up work, send me my moneys!

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  1. Cool! I admit, I'm not very crafty, but maybe some of the Fabulous! Festival readers will be, Next Monday's edition is about hats. I hope you'll submit this post. The link is http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_1548.html and the deadline is this Friday.


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