this fairy cake obsession

Fairy cakes, or cupcakes (it's a British/U.S. English thing) are possibly the most perfect snack ever created. Lightness, fluffiness and tasty goodness. Inspired by Gala Darling's most recent Carousel, I decided to browse for other fairy cake goodness and I found so much lovely stuff that I decided to go all out and make it a blog post!

Beginning with interior design elements and furniture to fit our theme: Cake-case table, anyone? I'm not sure but I think it would look pretty cool in hot pink, silver, or black - the latter especially because it would be less obvious what shape it was immediately, but unfortunately they do not make it in that colour. Definitely a "talking-point" piece of furniture. If you are using a more conventional table to dine upon, you could scatter around some cupcake cushions and let your fridge in on the fun with these obscenely cute magnets, or these distressed ones. Scrawl recipe experiments into an appropriately decorated journal.

Now, what shall you wear as you pour tea and serve your friends freshly-baked delights? A fairy cake themed apron, of course, or perhaps a muffin t-shirt if you are not feeling quite that 1950's housewife today. I think I might end up buying this cupcake handbag if you don't get there first.

Of course you need some jewellery, perhaps a cupcake hairclip? I've fallen in love with these bakery earrings, and this cupcake charm bracelet. To wear them with the matching necklace might be overkill, but it is sweet nonetheless. This necklace is cute too, and there are plenty more options in the seller's store. Can we please start a new trend for dessert rings? They are really pretty and I can imagine the conversations they would start:

"What's that on your ring?"
"Dessert! It's a dessert ring, like a cocktail ring but for dessert."
"Mmm...I could murder a triple chocolate gateaux right now"
"I feel more like profiteroles myself"

Invite your friends to your tea-party with tempting notecards, and at a birthday, accessorise your presents correctly! and if you are on a diet (as if!) indulge in crocheted cakes instead. And I do wish this messenger bag and this dress came in a bigger size...


  1. Well I certainly do learn something new everyday! They are called fairy cakes? That is too sweet.

    I am an Aussie with often too thick Brit English but I never knew of the fairy cake name.

    But living in Japan for so long all English gets rolled into one big mix of confusing word goo. Once lollies now candy, once the loo now the bathroom or washroom (GROSS!)


  2. Yup, fairy cakes. I don't know why they are called that, it would be quite interesting to find out so maybe I will do some research and add it to this post.

    I never understood bathroom or washroom for an ordinary loo that doesn't also have a shower or bath!

  3. i never knew they were called fairy cakes as well. i LOVE cupcakes!!! my favorite and possibly the best and sweetest i ever had was the one in magnolia bakery in nyc. yum... thanks for all those cupcake links! i love that little bag and want it too. i recently also posted about a cupcake bowl. it's so cute!!

  4. I haven't actually had a fairy cake in ages...that's it! I'm eating the next one I see! The cupcake bowls are really cute. Ahh I want all this stuff!


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