this tiara obsession

...so the week before last, I bought a tiara. Just too late to wear to my summer ball at College, but I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway a) because it is quite distressed and b) wearing a mask and tiara would have been too much headgear to be elegant. But I would have liked to see how it looked nestled amongst the curls I had that night.

I love my tiara. I wear it a lot indoors, and yesterday I took it with me to have dinner with my friends. I didn't wear it outside the restaurant. It's funny how some things make me come over all shy and others have no effect on me at all. I loved going around London last week with balloons (pictures to come once I get permission) and had no shame about telling the boys who repeatedly asked us for balloons that no, they were MY balloons. Mine mine mine. However, I do like sharing the joy of the tiara. My sister looks especially cute with it on.

Here is a photo of me, wearing said tiara, taken last night in the library.

Aren't we lovely together? I have always really liked tiaras and never had the occasion to buy myself one but then there was this pretty thing in a charity shop window for £1.95 and we had to be together.

Do you ever buy silly fashion items as a pick-me-up?


  1. I love tiaras! I wore one to prom and seriously considered wearing one to our wedding - much to the horror of my step-mom-in-law. My Halloween costume this year will likely include one.

  2. meg - If I ever get married there will be a tiara for sure! I still only have the one tiara, but hopefully there will be a collection one day.


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