this cat obsession

I, connoisseur of cuteness and lifelong admirer of the feline, present to you, the top five most hilarious photographs of cats ever. Nothing has ever been this cute or funny before. NOTHING. No macro, no cute overload, nothing nothing NOTHING. And so, I give you:

Number Five
It's a ninja cat, really.

Number Four
Jumping whilst maintaining a smug expression - talent.

Number Three
Jumping whilst being a fat, fluffy thing - too funny for a single word

Number Two
Is it Princess Leia hair? Is it flannel headphones? I know one thing, and that is what the cat thinks: WTF?

And Number One
It's face is the same as the toy seal's!

Number Two was glimpsed in today's bits and bobbins, and was so cute I had to hunt down the photograph, and then I found the rest.

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