My Favourite: Part One - Fashion and Style Blogs

I've decided to start a new series of my favourite blogs with some of their best posts featured. Many of my favourite blogs are fashion and style related, so I thought I would start with them.

The Most Favourites: I Check These Everyday

iCiNG, by Gala Darling: Great fun, helpful, well-written articles, home of the phenomenon that is International Dress-Up Day, something that I have yet to participate in. I only discovered this blog recently and I wanted to take part in the last i.d.u.d. but I knew next to nothing about film noir, so I intend to have a film noir day once I have watched a few more films. I can't wait for the next one though, there are a lot of ideas! It is a pretty active community as well as a blog, and you should be sure to read the comments as well as Gala's articles. I believe I discovered this blog thanks to a link on Style Bubble (below).
Highlights: iCiNG's Definition of Chic, How To Be Genuine With People You Dislike, Top 5 Ways To Define Your Own Personal Style, Madame Pompadour, I Was A Teenage Goth,
How To Deal With The End Of A Relationship, Fashion Help for Recovering Goths

Style Bubble, by Susie Bubble: London-based (but with fairly frequent deviations) , this blog features reports and photos from fashion events, collections and shops,
photographs of the blog writer's outfits, and occasional street fashion photographs and commentary on current trends. I really like Susie's personality and enthusiasm for fashion as it comes across in the blog. She seems to cover everything new that happens and always includes a lot of photographs. I have been reading this blog for quite a long time and have no idea where I first got linked from!
Highlights: Shoe Attention (just because I ADORE those pink Miu Miu shoes! Everytime they get a mention or a photograph I CHEER), The Bubble Gum Tent, Are we pop-ing for fun and hoping for youth?, C.R.A.Z.Y.

bits and bobbins, by Tricia Royal: Creator of wardrobe_remix, now with her own feature in Adorn magazine, Tricia seems to live a gloriously juicy-colour-filled life! Various ponderings about style, occasional craft articles and inspiration picked from online stores, colours and the
wardrobe_remix community.
Highlights: (wardrobe_remix @ the) maker faire!, georgia o’ keeffe: reluctant fashionista?, bashing the trendbashing, on the question of risk-taking and dressing your age, shoes(and)shoelaces=style it up!, on the gentle art of selling yourself…

Best of the Rest:

Why not embrace your flaws?
and How to highlight your unusual features from The Bargain Queen
What's Your Best Neckline? from The Space Between My Peers

Related Websites:

NEET magazine - Indie online fashion magazine
HEL LOOKS - Street style from Helsinki
ZOOZOOM - Conventional fashion magazine (Vogue-stylee) but online

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