this cat obsession

I, connoisseur of cuteness and lifelong admirer of the feline, present to you, the top five most hilarious photographs of cats ever. Nothing has ever been this cute or funny before. NOTHING. No macro, no cute overload, nothing nothing NOTHING. And so, I give you:

Number Five
It's a ninja cat, really.

Number Four
Jumping whilst maintaining a smug expression - talent.

Number Three
Jumping whilst being a fat, fluffy thing - too funny for a single word

Number Two
Is it Princess Leia hair? Is it flannel headphones? I know one thing, and that is what the cat thinks: WTF?

And Number One
It's face is the same as the toy seal's!

Number Two was glimpsed in today's bits and bobbins, and was so cute I had to hunt down the photograph, and then I found the rest.


this tiara obsession

...so the week before last, I bought a tiara. Just too late to wear to my summer ball at College, but I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway a) because it is quite distressed and b) wearing a mask and tiara would have been too much headgear to be elegant. But I would have liked to see how it looked nestled amongst the curls I had that night.

I love my tiara. I wear it a lot indoors, and yesterday I took it with me to have dinner with my friends. I didn't wear it outside the restaurant. It's funny how some things make me come over all shy and others have no effect on me at all. I loved going around London last week with balloons (pictures to come once I get permission) and had no shame about telling the boys who repeatedly asked us for balloons that no, they were MY balloons. Mine mine mine. However, I do like sharing the joy of the tiara. My sister looks especially cute with it on.

Here is a photo of me, wearing said tiara, taken last night in the library.

Aren't we lovely together? I have always really liked tiaras and never had the occasion to buy myself one but then there was this pretty thing in a charity shop window for £1.95 and we had to be together.

Do you ever buy silly fashion items as a pick-me-up?


My Favourite: Part One - Fashion and Style Blogs

I've decided to start a new series of my favourite blogs with some of their best posts featured. Many of my favourite blogs are fashion and style related, so I thought I would start with them.

The Most Favourites: I Check These Everyday

iCiNG, by Gala Darling: Great fun, helpful, well-written articles, home of the phenomenon that is International Dress-Up Day, something that I have yet to participate in. I only discovered this blog recently and I wanted to take part in the last i.d.u.d. but I knew next to nothing about film noir, so I intend to have a film noir day once I have watched a few more films. I can't wait for the next one though, there are a lot of ideas! It is a pretty active community as well as a blog, and you should be sure to read the comments as well as Gala's articles. I believe I discovered this blog thanks to a link on Style Bubble (below).
Highlights: iCiNG's Definition of Chic, How To Be Genuine With People You Dislike, Top 5 Ways To Define Your Own Personal Style, Madame Pompadour, I Was A Teenage Goth,
How To Deal With The End Of A Relationship, Fashion Help for Recovering Goths

Style Bubble, by Susie Bubble: London-based (but with fairly frequent deviations) , this blog features reports and photos from fashion events, collections and shops,
photographs of the blog writer's outfits, and occasional street fashion photographs and commentary on current trends. I really like Susie's personality and enthusiasm for fashion as it comes across in the blog. She seems to cover everything new that happens and always includes a lot of photographs. I have been reading this blog for quite a long time and have no idea where I first got linked from!
Highlights: Shoe Attention (just because I ADORE those pink Miu Miu shoes! Everytime they get a mention or a photograph I CHEER), The Bubble Gum Tent, Are we pop-ing for fun and hoping for youth?, C.R.A.Z.Y.

bits and bobbins, by Tricia Royal: Creator of wardrobe_remix, now with her own feature in Adorn magazine, Tricia seems to live a gloriously juicy-colour-filled life! Various ponderings about style, occasional craft articles and inspiration picked from online stores, colours and the
wardrobe_remix community.
Highlights: (wardrobe_remix @ the) maker faire!, georgia o’ keeffe: reluctant fashionista?, bashing the trendbashing, on the question of risk-taking and dressing your age, shoes(and)shoelaces=style it up!, on the gentle art of selling yourself…

Best of the Rest:

Why not embrace your flaws?
and How to highlight your unusual features from The Bargain Queen
What's Your Best Neckline? from The Space Between My Peers

Related Websites:

NEET magazine - Indie online fashion magazine
HEL LOOKS - Street style from Helsinki
ZOOZOOM - Conventional fashion magazine (Vogue-stylee) but online

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