Monday Amusements 33

It's spring, so I'm wearing the only pastel that I really like!

I know that all I seem to post on this blog at the moment is Monday Amusements, and that's because I've been extremely busy. I haven't even been painting my nails for the last few months! I do have a lot planned for this blog in the future, but in the meantime if you want to read more from me visit my book blog.

I'm starting to hit pan on a few of my neutral eyeshadows. There was a time when I refused to use eyeshadow unless it was bold and colourful, but I inevitably got a lot of neutrals in palettes and I decided to start wearing them for work to use them up. Now I'm hooked on cool-toned champagney shades and have been known to wear them on days off! I've even hit pan on a few, which is making this Makeup Revolution palette, reviewed at London Beauty Review, look like a good investment. If £4 can be considered an investment.

I'm going through a phase of really liking blue, and I love this look with MAC Cornflower pigment at The Beauty Milk. I also really like this gradient eyeliner look at Blush. Feathers. Lipstick.

Finally, a selection of cute cat-themed crafts at Craftster.


Monday Amusements 31

I may have been naughty a few weeks ago and bought more tights...

Hannah at Midnight Violets posted about her Sleek blush collection, with swatches and comparison photos. When I've used up my current favourite pale pink blush I think I will have to invest in Pixie Pink.

On the other end of the makeup spectrum, Evelyn at We Were Raised By Wolves reviewed her concealer stash.

Ugh, I really want the new Bourjois liquid lipsticks. There is no space for them in my stash though and I'm determined not to get more lip products until I've used some up.

I also really want these t-shirts, despite there being no space in my wardrobe.

I think at least half the internet must have seen Dog Shaming by now but I've only recently had a proper look - it's the perfect blend of hilarious and adorable.


Monday Amusements 30

It's been a while! I had to take a couple of weeks off doing Monday Amusements, but now I'm back. I am considering making these posts monthly rather than fortnightly. I'll let you know what I decide. In the meantime...

The Kiko Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadows are back! I must remember to buy some this time.

I love this Fantasyland-inspired eyeshadow look.

Tips for finding your dream apartment. I think Kate is completely right about showers! Next time I'm looking for a place to live I will definitely be testing the shower!

I think a lot of people will appreciate this post at Owl Girl, Crafting through anxiety and depression.

I'm obsessed with ear cuffs at the moment, which is pretty much the cheapest obsession I've ever had, because I already own most of the equipment I need to make them! I even have purple wire. I particularly like this tutorial:

Finally, so many kittens!
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